Friday, April 29, 2016

Sales Catalog 1966-67

Design Line produced annual sales catalogs beginning in 1967 through 1973 and product line one-sheets in 1975.  These are essential documents for understanding the product line, styles, sizes, colors and original prices as these evolved over the years.

Here is the first Design Line sales catalog from 1966-67

Contact me for a pdf version of this catalog


  1. Hi there!
    My heart nearly stopped as I discovered a pill lamp at my local church thrift store today. It has the sticker from Underwriters Laboratories and a white sticker that says Design Line, El Segundo - California. Now, it is missing the actual swirled logo so I am not sure if this was a later model or the sticker might have fallen off. Either way we LOVE the lamp and will take wonderful care of it.
    Thank you for this blog!

  2. Hello I'm also a Design line collector. If anyone is interested in exchanging information or selling or trading Design line items please feel free to send me an email at Also it would be great to get the pdf's for the catalog if anyone has them. Thanks Robert