Sunday, March 31, 2013

Bill and Jackie Curry in Design Line offices, El Segundo, CA


  1. such an amazing picture, thanks for sharing!

  2. thank you. worked there one summer circa 1967 assembling lamps. as i recall Jackie was Nelson Riddle's sister?

  3. Good memory! Jackie's sister Doreen was married to Nelson Riddle. They had six children.
    Do you have more memories of Design Line to share?

    1. not a whole lot. i was a college student working that summer. there was one other employee, thin guy. i can picture him, but don't remember his name. we assembled the lamps in the basement. the sales room was upstairs. mostly i recall the flattened globe lamps. they were definitely unique at the time. i think there were probably 4 or so metalic finishes (brushed aluminum, brass, etc) that the bases had and 1 or 2 enamel finishes (black and white). at lunch the other employee and I often went to the local Italian deli and got meatball sandwiches. i recognize Bill from the picture. i think Jackie might have come in once while i was there. before leaving at the end of summer i purchased one of the lamps for my aunt. i'm sure that's long gone.

  4. My parents were obsessed with Design Line products. We had multiples of every single lamp here, the only piece we did not have was a Honeycomb Module. Such fond memories of my childhood. Had multiple colors of luvlites as my night light, which I would rotate. We had the pedestal lite, cat tail lite, stem lites, jacks, book mom would study the catalog planning her next purchase. Thank you for posting the catalog, it transports me back to a wonderful time, growing up in Southern California with incredible design!

  5. And thank you for sharing your memories.